Join the NetSci 2014 Satellite (June 3rd, 2pm-6.30pm)

Theory and Applications in Connectivity Transitions in Networked Systems
- Toward predicting type and position of connectivity transitions -

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Invited Speakers (all confirmed)

Byungnam Kahng, Seoul National U, Korea

Robert 'Bob' Ziff, U Michigan, USA

Raissa D'Souza, U California, Davis, USA

Jan Nagler, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Michelle Girvan, U Maryland, USA

Kwang-Il Goh, Korea U, Korea

Yang-Yu Liu, Harvard Med, USA

Date / Venue
June 3rd @ Netsci'14, 2.00pm-6.30pm

This workshop focusses on recent advances in the theory of discontinuous connectivity transitions in networked systems and the prediction of the position (time point, critical link density) and the type (1st or 2nd order) of the connectivity transition both in complex environments and regular topologies such as lattices. We aim at bridging the three communities of 'explosive percolation', 'networks of networks' and 'interdependent (multiplex) networks' because we expect strong synergetic effects from combining recent progress in each of those disciplines. Our view is to establish future collaborations across disciplines. We are looking forward to both theory and applications presentations.

Preliminary Schedule
(Be there a little earlier)
Nagler 5-min Speed-Welcome
2.00-2.30 Kahng Discontinuous percolation models in cluster aggregation processes
2.30-3.00 Liu Core Percolation on Complex Networks
3.00-3.30 Girvan Dynamical Instability in Boolean Networks as a Percolation Problem
3.30-4.00 Goh Discontinuity and hysteresis in percolation-type processes on multiplex networks
4.30-4.45 Yang (contributed) Network Observability Transitions
4.45-5.15 D'Souza Delaying percolation both abruptly and smoothly
5.15-5.30 Verma (contributed) Critical Cooperation Range to Improve Spatial Network Robustness
5.30-6.00 Ziff Sharp and discontinuous transitions on regular and hierarchical lattices
6.00-6.30 Nagler
Open Problems in Discontinuous Percolation
7.00- Extremely Nice Social Event: Dinner & Chat

Call for contributed talks (closed)
We have 2 open 15 min slots for contributed talks.
Please apply asap by sending a short summary of your oral presentation to
jan[AT], or suggest your student.

Jan Nagler (ETH Zurich, Switzerland)
Email: jan["at"]
(I don't know much but don't hesitate to ask something)