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What is Humanizing?

Humanized music on youtube: Percussion version of Invention no.1 by J.S. Bach

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Is 1/f humanizing as good as a real human musician? Certainly not... The 1/f humanizing can only cover generic fluctuations that every musician produces, but all other artistic articulations (e.g. intentional deviations) are not considered.

The musical pieces below are humanized with different strength. For the same musical piece, the higher the standard deviation s of the added fluctuations given in milliseconds, the stronger the humanizing.

J.S. Bach, Invention no.1 in C major, BWV 772

  • 1/f humanizing (standard deviation s=11 ms) (download)


J.S. Bach, Prelude no. 2 in C minor (Well-tempered Clavier Vol. II, BWV 871)

In this piece the first part shall be repeated once, note that due to the fluctuations added while humanizing, each line is unique, i.e. the repetition is not an exact repetition of the first part in case of the humanized pieces.


Pop song "Everyday, everynight"

This song, created and humanized in collaboration with Cubeaudio recording studio (Göttingen, Germany), also shows the two different humanizing techniques (focus on the rhythm to hear the difference) (download):


First, sample A, then sample B is played, separated by a 5 sec. pause. The two samples differ only in the rhythmic structure, all other properties such as pitch and timbre are identical.The first part (sample A) of this audio example was humanized by introducing LRC (using Gaussian 1/f-noise), while for sample B the conventional humanizing technique using Gaussian white noise was applied. The standard deviation σ1/f = σWN = 15 ms of the time series of deviations used for humanizing was chosen rather large for the purpose of demonstration. The song was created and humanized in collaboration with Cubeaudio recording studio (Göttingen, Germany). We observed a clear preference for the 1/f humanizing over the white noise humanized version in our study.

Here is the whole 1/f humanized song "Everyday, everynight" (with a smaller standard deviation s):

  • 1/f humanizing (Instrumental version, s=7.5 ms) (download)


Bonus tracks

  • Invention no.1 by J.S. Bach: In this variation, I have replaced the piano sounds of the left hand by drum sounds. The whole piece is slightly 1/f humanized (s=10 ms). (download)