I am a physicist with expertise in image analysis, biostatistics, human musical rhythms and innovation management. I have lived in Cambridge, MA, USA in the past 4 years, where I worked as a research scientist at Harvard University and at the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT.


Dr. Holger Hennig

holgerh [at] nld.ds.mpg.de
Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization, Göttingen, Germany

Visiting scientist in the Imaging Platform, Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT, Cambridge, MA, USA




Latest news

  • [Aug 27, 2015] Press release by the Max Planck Society: "Fractals set the tone" [html]
  • [Jun 26, 2015] Report in Science: "The secret to groovy drumming may be math" [html]
  • [Jun 03, 2015] New article on "Fluctuations of Hi-Hat Timing and Dynamics in a Virtuoso Drum Track of a Popular Music Recording" in journal PLoS ONE [free download]
  • [Aug 11, 2014] New article "Synchronization in human musical rhythms" in PNAS [html] [pdf]


Research overview (view detailed research interests)

Ghanaian drummerComplex systems:

- complex biological systems: Cell cycle dynamics

- physiological systems: Human musical rhythms

- statistics & nonlinear dynamics