I am a physicist working in Research&Development at OptWare in Munich, Germany. I've lived in Boston, MA, USA in the past 4 years, where I worked as a research scientist at Harvard University and at the "Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT". Before that, I was a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization in Germany where I also got my PhD.


Dr. Holger Hennig

holgerh [at] physics.harvard.edu

Heller group, Department of Physics, Harvard University

Imaging Platform, Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT (currently: Visiting Scientist)




Latest news

  • [Aug 11, 2014] Science Magazine News: "Duetting musicians are linked by math" [html]
  • [Aug 11, 2014] New article "Synchronization in human musical rhythms" in PNAS [html] [pdf]
  • [Mar 24, 2014] Viewpoint in Physics: Taming nonlinear freak waves [html]
  • [Nov 14, 2013] Report in "Dradio" (German National Public Radio) on Humanizing [html]
  • [Oct 5, 2013] Report in "Die Welt" (German national newspaper) on Humanizing [html] [pdf]
  • [Jul 29 - Aug 2, 2013] Invited lecturer at the "School on Nonlinearity and Stochasticity in Emergent Phenomena", Centro Internacional de Ciencias, Cuernavaca, Mexico [html]
  • [Nov 14, 2012] EU patent granted: Method and Device for Humanizing Music Rhythms [html] [pdf]


Research overview (view detailed research interests)

Ghanaian drummerComplex systems:

- Human musical rhythms

- Biomedical sciences: Cell cycle dynamics

- Statistics & Nonlinear Dynamics





Quantum Eye

Dynamics of ultracold atoms in optical lattices

Entangled or not entangled: that is the question. Whether or not a Bose-Einstein condensate trapped in two optical wells remains coherent (or entangled) can be seen through a “Quantum Eye”.
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