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Dynamics and Control of Infectious Diseases

The sudden appearance and rapid spread of an infectious diseases can  pose a serious threat to human or animal populations that calls for immediate actions by national and international health agencies. Their response is guided by epidemiological models whose primary use is to provide means of comparing the effectiveness of different containment strategies. The focus of our group is to quantify, how heterogeneity of the infection process affects the course of an infectious disease.  In particular, we are interested in the effect of indiviudal variation in disease transmission on control strategies in the early phase of an epidemic outbreak and the consequences of spatially varying infection rates on travel restrictions.

Contact:  Stephan Eule 

Members working within this Project:

 Theo Geisel 
 Stephan Eule 

Former Members:

 Jan Nagler 
 David Lamouroux 
 Jakob J. Metzger 

Selected Publications:

D. Lamouroux, J. Nagler, T. Geisel, and S. Eule (2015).
Paradoxical effects of coupling infectious livestock populations and imposing transport restrictions
Proc. Roy. S. B 282(1802). download file