Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization -- Department for Nonlinear Dynamics and Network Dynamics Group
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Groups of the Department:

Neural Dynamics and Information Processing

Viola Priesemann
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Self-organization in Adaptive Systems

Theo Geisel
Self-organized Criticality (SOC), Neural Networks

Stochastic Processes in Complex Environments (SPICE)

Stephan Eule
Anomalous Diffusion, Applications of Stochastic Processes, Statistical Mechanics

Transport and Nonlinear Dynamics in Mesoscopic Systems

Ragnar Fleischmann
Ballistic transport, chaos, quantum chaos and disorder

Independent Research Groups:

Biophysics of neural computing

Andreas Neef

Network Dynamics

Marc Timme
Statistical Physics and Nonlinear Dynamics of Networks; Theoretical and Computational Neuroscience; Applied Mathematics.

Theoretical Neurophysics

Fred Wolf