Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization -- Department for Nonlinear Dynamics and Network Dynamics Group
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Debsankha Manik

(Ph.D. Student)
Group: Network Dynamics
Projects: Dynamics of Modern Power Grids, Physics of Flexible Mobility
Address:  Am Faßberg 17
37077 Göttingen
Office: 3.104
Phone: +49-(0)551-5176-560
Email: send email
Interests: Dynamics of complex flow networks,
Stability and overload in flow networks,
Demand-Driven Directed public Transport (D3T),
Evolution of legal citation networks.
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Selected Articles:
D. Manik, M. Rohden, H. Ronellenfitsch, X. Zhang, S. Hallerberg, D. Witthaut, and M. Timme (2017).
Network susceptibilities: Theory and applications
Phys. Rev. E 95(1):012319. download file download file
H. Ronellenfitsch, D. Manik, J. Horsch, T. Brown, and D. Witthaut (2017).
Dual theory of transmission line outages
IEEE Transactions on Power Systems PP(99). download file
A. Sorge, D. Manik, S. Herminghaus, and M. Timme (2015).
Towards a Unifying Framework for Demand-driven Directed Transport (D3T)
In: Proc. Winter Sim. Conf. 2015. IEEE Press, Piscataway, pages 2800--2811. download file download file
D. Manik, D. Witthaut, B. Schäfer, M. Matthiae, A. Sorge, M. Rohden, E. Katifori, and M. Timme (2014).
Supply networks: Instabilities without overload
Eur. Phys. J. Special Topics 223(12):2527-2547. download file download file

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