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Publications of Frank Hesse

F. Hesse, and J.M. Herrmann (2010).
Homeokinetic Proportional Control of Myoelectric Prostheses
In: IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems, Taipei, Taiwan. IEEE, pages 1786-1791. download file

F. Hesse, and J.M. Herrmann (2010).
Homeokinetic Prosthetic Control : Collaborative Selection of Myosignal Features
In: 19th IEEE International Symposium on Robot and Human Interactive Communication, Principe di Piemonte - Viareggio, Italy. IEEE, pages 437-442.

F. Hesse, G. Martius, R. Der, and J.M. Herrmann (2009).
A Sensor-Based Learning Algorithm for the Self-Organization of Robot Behavior
Algorithms 2(1):398-409. download file

F. Hesse, R. Der, and J.M. Herrmann (2009).
Modulated Exploratory Dynamics can shape Self-Organized Behavior
Advances in Complex Systems (ACS) 12(3):273 - 291. download file download file

F. Hesse, R. Der, and J.M. Herrmann (2007).
Reflexes from Self-Organizing Control in Autonomous Robots
In: 7th International Conference on Epigenetic Robotics: Modelling Cognitive Development in Robotic Systems, Rutgers University, Piscataway, NJ, USA, edited by Luc Berthouze and Christopher G. Prince and Michael Littman and Hideki Kozima and Christian Balkenius. Lund University, pages 37-44. download file

R. Der, F. Hesse, and G. Martius (2006).
Rocking stamper and jumping snake from a dynamical system approach to artificial life
Adaptive Behavior 14:105-115. download file

R. Der, G. Martius, and F. Hesse (2006).
Let It Roll – Emerging Sensorimotor Coordination in a Spherical Robot
In: Artificial Life X : Proceedings of the Tenth International Conference on the Simulation and Synthesis of Living Systems, edited by L. M. Rocha and L. S. Yaeger and M. A. Bedau and D. Floreano and R. L. Goldstone and A. Vespignani. International Society for Artificial Life, MIT Press, pages 192–198.

R. Der, F. Hesse, and G. Martius (2005).
Learning to Feel the Physics of a Body
In: CIMCA '05: Proc. of the Intl. Conf on Computational Intelligence for Modelling, Control and Automation and Intl. Conf. on Intelligent Agents, Web Technologies and Internet Commerce Vol-2 (CIMCA-IAWTIC'05). IEEE Computer Society, Washington, DC, USA, pages 252–257. download file